Bermuda Island Online Travel Guide

Achilles Bay Beach
Picturesque sandy stretch on the far northeast coast of Bermuda where relative tranquility can be found. Those interested in getting away from the larger crowds for a bit will enjoy a visit here.

Clearwater Beach and Park
Cooper's Island, off St. David's Island, is a 36 acre public park site; man-made beach created when the airport land was reclaimed from the US military reserve. It is ideal for cycling, rollerblading, and has nature trails and playground equipment.

Church Bay
This public beach is very attractive and a great place to enjoy some snorkelling.

Horseshoe Bay
It has a lifeguard on duty from May to September, with a light restaurant and changing facilities. Rated by USA Today in 2004 as a favorite Valentine's Day getaway for sweethearts. The best-known of Bermuda's beaches.

Shelly Bay
This attractive beach boasts very shallow water, even at high tide. It's no wonder this has been voted one of the safest beaches by the residents of Bermuda.

Bay Island Beach
Found on Bay Island off Bailey's Bay, with two very small public beaches that are nice, but almost submerged at high tide. Best time to visit is in the morning if the tide is low and you will have to swim out to it.

Clarence Cove
This spot consists of two small North Shore beaches, in an exquisite lagoon-like setting.

Somerset Long Bay
Situated in a park, Somerset Long Bay boasts a long stretch of white sand. The waters remain shallow 100 yards from the shoreline and offer excellent opportunities for snorkelling. The adjacent park has restrooms and a grassy area with picnic tables.

Warwick Long Bay
This is the longest beach on Bermuda that is popular with not only swimmers, but joggers and horseback riders as well. The steep cliffs and shrub-covered hills give privacy to sunbathers. This is also an excellent spot to snorkel.

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