Bermuda Island Online Travel Guide

Overproof Fishing
OVERPROOF Charter Fishing and Captain Peter Rans, would like to invite you to come and fish with us in Bermuda in 2009, home of the world's best sport fishing.

Playmate Fishing Charters
A trip to Bermuda would be incomplete for an ardent fisherman without ?wetting? a line! So climb aboard Playmate, owned by Keith and Kevin Winter, a well-known Father & Son team has guided guests to numerous Bermuda and World Records over the years

Overproof Charter Fishing Bermuda
Our turquoise waters offer some of the best fishing in the Atlantic. A fishing charter on the OVERPROOF is a MUST during your vacation to Bermuda. You will find our rates to be the best among Bermuda?s top charter fishing boats.

Shake Down Charters
Do you want to experience the deep sea fishing that the local professionals experience everyday? Go out with the boys at Shake Down Charters! They fish everyday, whether they have a charter or not

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