Bermuda Island Online Travel Guide

The Kennel Boys Band
Before the Kennel Boys, bandleader/manager David Fitzsimmons had performed in local and U.S hotels and nightclubs as guitarist for the legendary but now retired Bermuda Sharx Band since 1984 and it is under his guidance that the current band has pros

Talbot Brothers
Ross "Blackie" Talbot Foundation has provided the funding for this historical and inspiring project to produce a book and set of DVDs celebrating the career of world renowned musicians, the Talbot Brothers.

Bermuda School of Music
The Bermuda School of Music holds true to its mandate of striving toward musical excellence for all. Our faculty, staff and board members are committed to providing a rich and wide-ranging musical curriculum.

Bermuda Folk Club
The Bermuda Folk Club is a non profit organization dedicated to music in Bermuda.

Her home is the exotic island of Bermuda but her talent knows no boundaries. Her name is Gita - a petite contralto whose raw stylised singing is a welcome departure from today?s studio productions.

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